Welcome to the PyPSA meets Africa documentation!

PyPSA meets Africa is a free and open source software project aiming to develop a powerful energy system model for Africa and beyond. The tool is currently under development and will be heavily based on PyPSA and PyPSA-Eur. A short presentation about our project and its aims is given on our website. There you can also sign-up to our Newsletter.

Watch our latest discussion with African leaders about Open Energy System Modelling in Africa: State of the Art and Future Opportunities. Let’s work together for a better future.


Get Involved

The PyPSA meets Africa team is currently running four types of meetings:

  • **Discord NEW! (Open)**

    • Chat with the community, team up on features, exchange with developers, code in voice channels

  • General code meeting (Open)

    • every forth Thursday each month 16-17:00 (UK time) download .ics file

    • updates on overall project and code blocks

    • meeting hosted on Discord; join us, we are waiting for you!

    • open agenda. See what we will discuss. Invited members have edit rights.

  • Specific code meeting (by invitation)

    • meeting hosted on Discord

    • join updates, demos, Q&A’s, discussions and the coordination of each work package

      1. Demand creation and prediction meeting, on demand basis

      2. AI asset detection meeting, every Tuesday 15:30 (UK time), download .ics file

      3. Sector coupling meeting, every Thursday 09:00 (UK time), download .ics file

      4. Data workflow and architecture meeting, every Thursday 13:30 (UK time), download .ics file

  • Outreach meeting (by invitation)

    • every second week

    • planning, discussing events, workshops, communication, community activities

  • Buddy talk (Open)


Getting Started


Work flow and API

Project Info